Language Update

Hello everyone!  Bienvenhidu (Welcome)!  This is the creator of the language and blog.  I haven't posted anything in a very long time.  I have, however, made numerous improvements and updates since I started a couple years ago.  I have been developing the vocabulary and refined 99% of the grammar.  I have a shared Google document (on the right) containing the dictionary of over 6 thousand words, phrases, and affixes.  The next step is to migrate this blog to a user-friendly website and eventually create a built-in web-app with easy search options.
I was actually thinking of changing the name to something that implies synergy, commerce, or a lingua franca.  I would consider any recommendations.
My Facebook page has over 6 thousand followers from all over the world.  If you like the ideas espoused in my project, please share with others, so we can grow this organically!  And the best way to share it is to use it in some of your posts.  If a word doesn't exist yet in my dictionary, feel free to use a Spanish, Portuguese, or Latin word.  You can also suggest new words to be added to the language.  I'd like to make suggesting new words a part of the website.
Just like a natural language will have new words over time and other words will fall out of favor, so shall this project I imagine.  I also know that fully developing this language is something I probably can't tackle all on my own. 
Anyway, thanks for your support.  I welcome ideas and comments!